Twin DRSSTC Project

Eric Goodchild and I have built two large twin DRSSTC's. The DRSSTC is a modern type of Tesla Coil that typically uses IGBT's in an "H-Bridge" configuration that switch power into a tank circuit. The H-Bridge is turned on for a few hundred microseconds during each spark event. During this time very large peak currents are created within the tank circuit. (about 1 kiloamp peak for our coils)

ss Secondary 12.75 x 45 inches 24 AWG 1/16 inch epoxy coating
Primary 10 turns 3/8 inch copper tube
Power Switch 4x CM600HA-24H IGBT brick
Power Switch configuration H bridge
Topload 12 x 45 inch, ring toroid, 7 - 1 inch rings
Tank Capacitor 14kV 0.57uF MMC made with 2kv 1uF pulse caps
Bus capacitors 4x CDE 2,700uF 450VDC Inverter grade DC link caps
Peak Primary Current 1000A peak
System Frequency 30kHz
Controller Steve Ward's UD 2.0
Gate Drive Gate Drive Transformer
Max Spark Length 13 feet
Bus voltage 680VDC

Youtube videos of the coils playing music

Build Photos Page 1

Build Photos Page 2

Chain Mail Suit Project

Eric and I have constructed a chain mail suit which allows the high voltage electricity to hit our body.

Me in the Suit

Eric in the Suit

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